Hi, I'm Natasha

I’ve spent 20+ years as an entrepreneur, and professional musician. This incredible experience has led me to become a speaker, author, and advisor to entrepreneurs- some of my most favorite things.
business coach Natasha Miller
I own a profitable multi-million dollar company based in San Francisco that does events in major markets all over the world.
I’ve hunkered down and studied business and entrepreneurship at Babson College (the Goldman Sachs 10ksb program), as well as MIT and Harvard through the Entrepreneurial Masters Program via EO. I have been taught, advised, and mentored by extremely smart, talented and dedicated leaders. I’m also asked to advise entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine in their consultant’s corner at their conferences. I’ve been interviewed and quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few. Yes, I still think it’s VERY cool when I’m asked. It will never get old.
I love helping people find their ultimate joy in their business and life.
In fact, I helped someone transition from her boring life-sucking (but well-paid) dental supply sales job into her dream career- owning a holistic pet food store. I also helped someone go from being a production artist at a big advertising agency to owning her own very successful jewelry design company in San Francisco.
business growth coach Natasha Miller

Topics and Areas of Expertise

Below are some of the topics that come up regularly or I believe are most important to businesses today.
What people are saying image: Natasha Miller, small business growth consultant
What people are saying image: Natasha Miller, small business growth consultant

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I’ve helped business owners with much higher revenues than my own and in different sectors from all over the world. I’ve heard I provide great, valuable information. And if I don't have experience with the issue you have, someone from my team will.

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